Manifesto & Principles for Emotional Value at work.

Rohit Mathur
1 min readMar 28, 2021

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Value the emotional and mental state of people with higher significance than targets.

A friendly tone and collaborative decision making needs to be encouraged over silos and authoritative decision making based on rank

Diversity & inclusiveness needs to be promoted at all levels and voices of racism & exclusion needs to be rooted out immediately.

Welcome new ideas and people and value experienced in the team.


1.Teams and organisations need to provide a safe environment for individuals to share their emotions without judgement or consequence based on what has been shared.

2.People’s mood comes first before any other discussion or business outcome. Emotional health is fundamental to any success.

3.Team and managers must prioritise & truly care about an individual’s emotional state and have conversations every week or bi-weekly .

4.Individuals should feel they can share their feelings with the team and business as this will help them to achieve their goals.

5.A Happy team should be the measurement of the Team’s success.

6.Organisations, Teams and Individuals should relentlessly work on rooting out things which cause stress and unhappiness to anyone like discrimination, racism, bullying and exclusion .

7.New ideas and people should not be treated as a threat to the existing establishment but must be embraced.

8.The tone of voice in emails, on calls or in meetings should be friendly, collaborative, encouraging and there should be zero tolerance towards bullying & condescension.



Rohit Mathur

Co-founder MoodFirst and enthusiast for mental health